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Sonar Telematics

OBD2 GPS Tracker! Real-Time Location, and Remote Diagnostics for your Vehicle.

OBD2 GPS Tracker! Real-Time Location, and Remote Diagnostics for your Vehicle.

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The perfect solution for businesses and individuals who want total control over their vehicles in real-time. With our application, you can easily access a set of exceptional features and benefits that revolutionize how you monitor your vehicle or fleet using GPS devices.

For Small Businesses, Turo, Uber, Dealerships, Parents, Families, Young Drivers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Highly recommend! accurate data

We're really happy with the OBD2 GPS devices from Sonar Telematics. They were easy to install and super reliable. The accurate data has made us way more efficient by helping us verify and optimize job distances. Their customer support is top-notch. Highly recommend!

Yoce N
Great GPS

I had been using sonar GPS for long time and it’s perfect, so many features on the app with a lot of information of your car, trips your made and speed, location always in real time. Don’t have to worry about the location of the car. App it’s always updating which is great and the costumer service is on top of everything ! A must buy !!

Very helpful

Great gps very helpful

Steven Barrantes
Must buy!

My time with the SONAR GPS Car Tracker device has been exceptional. The installation process is effortless, and the accompanying application is user-friendly, boasting many useful features. The device provides precise location tracking and offers valuable vehicle diagnostics, particularly when the 'check engine' light is illuminated. Its design is both convenient and discreet, making it an unobtrusive addition to any vehicle. If you are considering a purchase, I truly recommend this product. It is a super tool that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

This device is a lifesaver for families with nannies

This device is a lifesaver for our busy sports family with three kids. We recently hired a nanny to be an extra hand during our daily routine, especially to drive our children to different sports activities. This GPS provides real-time location tracking for our kids' rides, helping us coordinate schedules and ensure their safety by monitoring gas and speed. Plus, it's a godsend for forgetful moms like me who always lose track of where we parked at the mall or supermarket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPS OBD2 device?

It is a compact device that plugs into your car's OBD2 port, providing real-time tracking and diagnostic information.

How does the OBD2 GPS device work?

The device communicates with your car's onboard computer, retrieving data about engine variables. It then transmits this data to our connected app.

Do I need technical expertise to install the device?

No, the installation process is usually straightforward. Just plug the device into your car's OBD-2 port, and it's ready to use.

What happens if the device gets unplugged?

After the device is unplugged, you will receive a notification indicating this. The device will continue sending location data for approximately an hour, thanks to its internal battery. You will also be notified when the device is plugged back in.

Can I use this for my company vehicles?

Absolutely, the Sonar OBD2 GPS device is an excellent solution for businesses managing fleets, enabling real-time tracking, route optimization, and performance analysis.

Is it suitable for families?

Yes, the Sonar OBD2 GPS is ideal for families, helping parents keep track of new drivers, ensuring safety, and monitoring overall vehicle health.

How much does the subscription cost?

Subscription is $7 per device, billed monthly to your preferred payment method.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time without facing long-term commitments.